Uma sardinha para as Festas de Lisboa pode valer 2 mil euros – Dinheiro Vivo

Uma sardinha para as Festas de Lisboa pode valer 2 mil euros – Dinheiro Vivo.

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The landscapes are big-sky country at their most brutally raw. Moonscape plains of rock. Scraggly bare-branched trees. Hills that twinkle in mineral-rich hues of muddy green and red.  And just when you think the parched land will roll on forever there is the emerald green ribbon of Lake Turkana slashing through the barren wilderness. It’s a harsh land. A bleak land. A place of hand-to-mouth existence eked out in scraps of villages held together by sticks and string. It’s not a place you forget in a hurry.

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where to go in lisbon via au pays des merveilles

This is it, my ultimate guide to Lisbon!  (Finally, I’ve been back for over half a year from my five month erasmus in this wonderful city…) Every tip links back to the post(s) I orginally wrote about it or their website if I didn’t. I also added some places that I didn’t photograph, just to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.    If you’re wondering how a semi-local twenty-something spends her time in Lisbon, this is it!

(Oh and I appologise for my awful handwriting: I got myself a pen tablet to battle rsi and to save myself time from always writing things out on paper and scanning them, but obviously I still need some practice.  Hopefully soon you won’t be able to notice the difference between my handwriting on paper and with the tablet! )

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